Tailor made dress

TAILOR-MADE DRESS, 1897 – The Evolution

Tailor-Made Dress has also had a marked influence on our taste altogether
directions, but more especially within the costume of a previous couple of years; and though
the picturesque garb of the worshippers of the sunflower and therefore the lily might not be
adapted to the wear and tear and tear of this workaday world, it’s beautiful in form and
design, incapable of undue pressure; and for youngsters and young girls.

Once more we are eschewing classical lines for grotesque which makes
caricatures of lovely women and drives plain ones to despair. The subdued and
delicate tints which a couple of seasons since were regarded with favour is
superseded by garish shades and bright colours, which seem to quarrel with
everything in Nature and Art. Unfortunately, we English are susceptible to extremes
and possess the imitative instead of the creative faculty. Consequently, our
national costume is seldom distinctive, but a mixture of a number of the worst
so little regard for fitness, beauty, and therefore the canons of excellent taste.

Tailor-Made Dress

Two dominant notes, however, are stuck within the harmonies of costume
during the last twenty-five years—the tailor-made dress, which can almost be
regarded as a national livery; and therefore the dinner dress, that reposeful garment to which
we affectionately turn in our hours of ease. How well each in its way is
calculated to serve the aim that it’s designed, the straightforward cloth, tweed,
climate, and giving a cachet to the wearer, not always found in far more costly
apparel, a rational costume within the best sense of the word, and one which women
of all ages may assume with satisfaction to themselves and to those with whom
they come in touch.

The Dinner Dress


Night dress

The dinner dress, on the opposite hand, drapes the figure loosely
so on fall in graceful folds and should be considered a definite economy, as it so often takes the place of a costlier dress. Beauty, which is one among  Heaven’s best gifts to women are useless unless appropriately framed, and a well-known the exponent on the art of dressing artistically has laid down the axiom that harmonies of colour are more successful than contrasts. If we address Nature we
have an unfailing source of inspiration. The foliage tints, sunset effects, the animal and mineral worlds all offer schemes of colour, which may be readily adapted to our persons and surroundings. And to seem our greatest and, above all, to grow old gracefully. The duty which each daughter of Eve owes to humanity.nThe manner during which numerous women subside early in life is just appalling.
While still within the bloom of womanhood they assume the habits and dress of decrepitude, undergo be placed on the social shelf without a murmur.


The Knitting Socks – Tailor-Made Dress

Appropriate the great things of life, and to monopolise the eye of all and
sundry. Mothers in their prime willingly allow anyone who is often persuaded to
do so, to chaperone their daughters, and to pilot them through the social eddies
and quicksands of their first season, and thru sheer indolence fail to exercise
the lawful authority and responsibility which maternity entails. The unmarried
woman, conscious that she is not any longer in her first youth, and indifferent to the
charms of maturity, tailor-made-dress take to knitting socks in obscure corners and assumes an
the air of self-repression and middle-agedness which apparently takes ten years from
her span of existence, and conveys to the casual onlooker, that she has passed the
the boundary line between youth and adulthood. Why should these women sink before
their time into a slough of rowdyism and cut themselves far away from the
enjoyments civilisation has provided for his or her benefit.

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