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Sustainable Jeans – New Developments

Sustainable Jeans – Denim a worldwide trend, sells approximately 6 billion pairs around the world per annum. It’s anticipated that the sales from jeans will cross $65 billion by 2015. In spite of foreseeing such a flourishing scenario in denim business. Denim companies face pressure to vary the methods of producing jeans to tackle environmental issues.

With such staggering figures of sales. It’s obvious that jeans manufacturing processes have a serious impact on the health of workers and therefore the earth. It’s a known incontrovertible fact that workers are at the danger of tuberculosis or silicosis during the sandblasting process to offer that perfect ‘worn out’ look. At an equivalent time, heavy toxic methods of production. It emits harmful gases that impact the environment.



The Conventional Method

Although, at a look manufacturing jeans within the conventional method might not seem to be an enormous issue in terms of sustainability. but if the dimensions of the world and therefore the methods of jeans production are considered, it’ll make an enormous difference. One can imagine the impact of the denim sector on the environment if all the jeans.

Fortunately, many denim companies today are striving hard to embrace greener methods and also are making effort to develop new techniques of manufacturing jeans, as a neighborhood of their business strategies to guard the environment. they need to understand the importance and therefore the got to build a sustainable business.

In addition, the denim companies must have a transparent understanding of the practices administered by the suppliers. Although the availability chain is spread in several countries, once they compromise on their ethical and environmental standards, the brand reputation is broken.

Sustainable Jeans

Currently, cotton prices are all-time high and there’s a rising demand from the purchasers for jeans. during this tricky situation, manufacturers also got to adhere to the concept of sustainability. Sustainable jeans isn’t an idea that has been introduced in developed nations only, but also in developing countries like India and China. Indian designers have come up eco- friendly denim for his or her customers.

These jeans are manufactured from 100% organic cotton without using bleach. To urge the specified denim look, they use two sorts of processes. One is that the wet process wherein simple enzymes are wont to decrease water wastage and therefore the second is that the dry method. This method uses various techniques like scraping. Whiskering, grinding, and distressing. rather than chemical dyes.


Some denim companies have come up with new techniques to manufacture ‘green jeans’. Denim manufacturer in Sweden has made an attempt to recycle 1600 tones of materials into new garments and has saved 50 million liters of water while manufacturing jeans. Another denim brand manufactures jeans entirely from cotton and recycled water bottles. Plastic waste may be a big global issue.

New Developments

New developments like waterless jeans and the growth of the organic cotton industry have helped to take care of the sustainability approach. One must make sustainable choices while purchasing denim-like choose organic cotton. Natural dyes, rivets, and buttons made up of natural or recycled materials. Avoid washes that need harsh chemicals like distressed, stonewashed, bleached jeans. Always buy classic styles that will remain in fashion.

Denim companies within the previous couple of years have offered some excellent green jeans options to consumers globally. Some make jeans that use 100% organic cotton, while some use natural indigo dyes et al. Use bamboo buttons for jeans. There are denim companies that not only make trendy organic cotton jeans but divulge some a part of their profits to charitable organizations.

It is estimated that producing a pair of jeans consumes quite 2,500 gallons of water, almost a pound of chemicals and an enormous amount of energy. If this is often multiplied by the number of jeans produced globally. One can get a glimpse of the large contribution of wastewater and harmful gases by the denim industry to the environment.

Replacement Process – Sustainable Jeans

Scientists have reported a replacement process referred to as ‘Advanced Denim’ which will considerably reduce the above-mentioned impacts. This budding green process can reduce 92% of water consumption, 30% of energy consumption. And almost no wastewater while producing a pair of jeans compared to the normal methods. Moreover, the method also reduces cotton waste by 87%.




This technology would also prevent the wastewater generation by 8.3 million cubic meters and save 220 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. Simultaneously, it’ll curb a great deal of CO2 released into the atmosphere yearly. Top denim manufacturers of the planet are showing high interest in adopting Advanced Denim technology. This sort of green process may be a great example of saving water, energy, materials, and reducing the environmental pollution.

The denim industry will soon witness drastic improvements from its latest innovations. Denim companies got to measure their environmental footprint to guard the environment. Because the answer to the decision of sustainable jeans, at an equivalent time enjoys the business.

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