Denim PP Spray

Denim – Potassium Permanganate Spray (P.P Spray):

Potassium permanganate spray is completed on jeans to require a bright effect on the sandblast area. One important thing about permanganate of potash spray is, this is often usually a sporting process to extend the effect of sandblasting. permanganate of potash solution is sprayed on the blasted area of jeans garment with the assistance of normal applicator.

This permanganate of potash spray appears pink on the garment when fresh and turns to muddy brown on drying. The garment is hanged inhospitable dry after permanganate of potash spray and when the permanganate of potash turns its colors completely then it’s considered to ready for the next process.

It’s always followed by the neutralization process. Sodium Meta bisulfate is the most ordinarily used neutralizer. variety of products are available in the marketplace for neutralization processes like sodium Meta bisulfate selected on the bases of effect required on the blasted area.

Potassium permanganate sprays usually concentrations ranges from 0.25 gm per liter to 15.00 grams per liter depending on the required results and fabric types.

pp spray

Process of P.P Spray

Potassium permanganate spray in best is completed in specific spray booths, where rubber dummies are installed for holding garments. Garments are mounted on the dummies and air is filled therefore the garment is full fit exposed. Specific dummies are used for various sizes and designs, like for teenagers, men’s, trousers, jackets, shirts, etc.
The booths are fitted with proper air exhaust. this technique leads the spray to the clinic where the chemical mixed air is typically skilled the water showers.

Potassium permanganate is dissolved in water and therefore the clean air is blown to open. But where the permanganate of potash spray is employed in low concentrations then there’s now got to treat shower water. This mild permanganate of potash mixed water is quite useful for water reservoirs to stay the water clean and germs free.
Garments are mounted on air-filled rubber dummies and the chemical is sprayed on blasted areas.

The variables in the spray process are as follows:

The distance of applicator to a garment: Less distance will give a more defined and sharp effect whereas distant spray will end in a more mild and merged effect. Distance ranges from one foot to 2 and a half feet.
Air to water ratio of gun: this is often to be set very carefully. Low atmospheric pressure possibly will through KMnO4 drops on garment leading to bright white spots whereas high produce very low bright effect spray effect to areas where it’s not required.
Potassium Permanganate Solution Concentration: this may control the extent of brightness

Potassium Permanganate Sponging/ Brushing:

PP Spray is being done on denim garments to realize local abraded area to seem whiter than background indigo color shade. this will be applied by sponges dipped into PP Solution & rubbed on the desired area followed by neutralization in the wet process. This process is often wiped out rigid after doing hand scrape or within the middle of the wash. There are many additives that are often added so as to realize the desired intensity and appearance.


As usual, it’s through with regular paintbrushes, or the brushes are modified by cutting hairs in several shapes to supply new styles. Rather towels, sponges, straw bunches, or other objects also are wont to create effects. What it’s seen, is that the majority merging and delightful effects are created with a towel. A towel dipped in solution are drawn over the garment very lightly. This produces a random effect and appears great with dark washes in contrast.

This process is extremely complicated & needs highly skilled operators to execute it followed by immediate neutralization.

The procedure of P.P Sponging/ Brushing:

  • Prepare permanganate of potash solution. (P.P 20%,water 80%).
  • Take the answer during a tray or bowl.
  • Take a rubber board.
  • Then take a pair of jeans trousers & place the rubber board inside the leg panel of the trouser.
  • Now place the trouser with rubber board on a flat table & sponged or rubbed P.P on the apparel surface.
  • Then color will fade.
  • After this process wet process essential (detergent/bleach/enzyme wash, Neutralization)

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