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Sustainable Denim- Jeanologia G2 Dynamic

Jeanologia G2 Dynamic, the sole technology on the market that guarantees detoxed and sustainable fabric. G2 Dynamic is that the only technology on the market that guarantees a detoxed and sustainable fabric. Additionally reducing water and chemical consumption from 85% to 95% and energy from 70% to 80%.

Denim, one of the foremost iconic and popular clothing globally. It is basically costly for the environment. consistent with a report of National Geographic Magazine. 11000 liters of water are required from fiber to finishing process in washing to supply one pair of blue jeans. Also, it takes almost a pound of chemicals and a considerable amount of energy. For example, if a kilogram of cloth uses between 15 and 20 liters of water, with G2 Dynamic the entire process uses from 0.5 to a maximum of three liters per kilo.

This technology has been gaining tons of traction within the industry, 30 fabric manufacturers have incorporated it into their production process within only three years of its launch.

Noval Denim

 Jeanologia G2 Dynamic

Jean Pierre Inchauspe, the person responsible for G2 Dynamic has acknowledged that “the main weavers of the five continents are already using this technology as an important process for the sustainable finishing of their fabrics.”

Jeanologia’s 2025 objective for this technology is to realize a mean saving of quite 8.5 million cubic meters of water per annum. this is often the quantity necessary for the annual human consumption of quite 3.5 million people.

80% of those machines are getting used for the finishing of denim (blue and black) and 20% for the finishing of the loom state (other colors). The marketplace for ‘denim fabric’ in color will become more important within the year to return.

With this technology, the corporate brings to the market a sustainable alternative to many traditional, more polluting, and water-consuming processes within the textile industry.

Ozone Process

Nowadays in the case of sustainability Ozone process is the main part. G2 Dynamic is that the latest in eco-efficient ozone textile technology, the results of 15 years of innovation as well as within the industry from the material to the ultimate garment.

After years of applying ozone for garment finishing, Jeanologia has taken the subsequent step using ozone to finish the water consumption and chemicals utilized in traditional fabric finishing processes.

The Jeanologia Ozone Center has become during a one amongst|one in every of”> one among the elemental pillars within the new era for denim as an important element in a 100% sustainable textile industry.

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